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The Water-Culture Institute undertakes carefully targeted initiatives and projects where we can make a difference through the application of a values perspective.  As a small organization, we typically work with partners who bring specific expertise to our joint efforts. 


Our current activities are grouped around three Initiatives:


Water Ethics Initiative 

The Water Ethics Initiative aims at establishing the field of "water ethics" as an integral dimension of water governance, much as "bioethics" has become part of the modus operandi of medicine and public health. The Water Ethics Initiative focuses on (a) awareness and capacity-building and (b) facilitating development of water ethics charters both locally and globally.



Participatory Water Management 

The Participatory Water Management Initiative promotes "stakeholder sovereignty" in water decision-making at all levels, through documenting and publicizing international best practice for stakeholder participation in (a) irrigation management, (b) community water supply, and (c) watershed and river basin management.



Reimagining Water

We need to perceive water in new ways, in order to fully appreciate and understand how water can enrich our lives.  Climate change and the growing realization that we cannot continue a "business as usual" approach to water use, provides a strong incentive to forge a new relationship with water.

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