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Water Ethics Initiative


The growing interest in values and ethics related to water policies cuts across many academic disciplines and entails diverse sets of stakeholders from religious groups to environmental advocates to Indigenous leaders.  WCI seeks to stimulate debate and collaborative action among this growing set of interested parties. 


Our activities include:

Awareness and Capacity Building - Creating awareness about water ethics, documenting ethics in practice, and building capacity to "do" water ethics. 


  • Water Ethics Working Group of the Sustainable Water Futures Program has been newly formed (2016) to undertake a program of research, awareness-raising and advocacy in association with Water Futures staff and partners.   See the provisional draft workplan for details.

Water Ethics Charters - Developing written statements of key value principles comprising consensus positions that all stakeholders can endorse.  


  • Global Water Ethics Charter.  In collaboration with other organizations, the Institute is working to develop a declaration (charter) prescribing a set of the ethical principles to guide decisions about water use and water ecosystem management.  


Berlin Water Charter

Berlin Water Charter

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