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Indigenous Engagement at UN Water Conference

Indigenous Peoples organizations were well represented at the UN Water Conference held on-site at UN Headquarters March 22-24, 2023.  The active engagement of Indigenous communities and organizations in the water conference was jump-started by the initiative of International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) who unveiled an Indigenous Water Declaration prepared in advance of the conference.  Indigenous organizations attending the conference were invited to sign-on to the Declaration, which was delivered to the conference organizers as a unifying message about water from the Indigenous participants.

Session on Indigenous Water Ethics at UN Water Conference


Water-Culture Institute (WCI) joined with Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and New York's New School in hosting an all-day session on "Indigenous Water Ethics" at the UN 2023 Water Conference on March 24.  Speakers included Indigenous academics and activists from the US, Canada, and New Zealand.  The aim of the session was to share experience of Indigenous Peoples' organizations engaged in water policy reforms, while also strengthening the capacity of non-Indigenous water managers to better understand what Indigenous Peoples mean when they refer to rivers and springs as relatives.  


The video proceedings are available here:

Recording starts at Minute 13.0;  You have the option to "Skip Ads," then settle in to watch or use the scroll bar to skim through the proceedings.  The morning session starts at 0h13 minutes and ends at 2h07.  The afternoon session runs from 3h44 to 5h49 min.

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Following is the list of speakers for the two sessions.

1.  Tom Goldtooth (Dine'/Dakota, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network,


2. David Groenfeldt,  (Director, Water-Culture Institute), 


3.  Mona Polacca (Hopi/Tewa/Havasupai) - (Indigenous Environmental Network)]

4. Darlene Sanderson (Cree),, (University of Northern British Columbia)


5.  Betty Lyons (Haudenoshone),, American Indian Law Alliance,


6.  Sid Hill (Haudenoshone)  Tadodaho (Chief of the Onondaga, Keeper of the Flame of the Six Nation Haudenosaunee Confederacy),


7.  Rawiri Stephen Tinirau (Maori),, Te Atawhai o Te Ao Aotearoa,  


8  Clara Soaring Hawk (Linape) Chief of the deer clan of the Ramapough Nation;


9.  Tamara Marie Archie, (Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation);


10.  Lynn Alden Orion Morrison (Secwepemc),,  Qwelminte Secwepemc 

11.  Roberto Mukaro Borrero, Human Rights Advocate


12.  Leonardo Figueroa Helland, The New School

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Featured Organization

Global Network of Water Museums


Online Exhibit: I Remember Water.  


We need to find new ways to connect people with their water heritage, build empathy and stimulate new perceptions and water awareness, supporting the judicious use of our water legacies. The curatorial team of I Remember Water selected some meaningful images that recall our past water memories and reflect on pathways that can help us shape our water futures.

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