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Water-Culture Institute


is committed to forging a new relationship between people and water that respects the rights and interests of both people and nature.  Our premise is that cultural values and the health of water ecosystems are inextricably intertwined. 


As we settle into the new epoch of the Anthropocene, where humans have unbridled power to affect the natural world, we need to orient ourselves to the moral responsibilities which this power brings. The mission of Water-Culture Institute is to clarify our moral responsibility to water and develop practical tools for applying ethics in water-related


Our work includes research, training, activism, and mediation to achieve water management practices that support the health of our planet.  We engage in project consulting, policy dialogues, report writing, organizational capacity-building, and policy advocacy. 


The Water-Culture Institute undertakes carefully targeted initiatives and projects where we can make a difference through the application of a values perspective. 


The WCI Director, staff, and associated experts are available to help you harness the power of values and ethics in meeting your water goals.  


Read the latest blog posts about water culture and ethics. 

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