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Re-Imagining Water

Since our current concept of water -- as a resource to be exploited -- has gotten us into trouble, let's explore other ways of thinking about water.  Let's re-imagine what water can mean to us both in our daily lives while taking a shower, and in our reflections about our place in the world and our relationship to Nature.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  But where to begin?

Our program on Re-Imagining Water addresses three themes that together can help stimulate our collective imaginations to see water differently and value water more intimately:

  • Seeing Water applies the visual arts and creative urban design to make water more visible in daily life.

  • Re-Imagining Agriculture adopts an ethics framework to rethink how we grow our food (and what food we grow).

  • Rivers to Oceans promotes the geographic and ethical awareness that the earth's waters are interconnected...

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